Who is Julie ? You will find here a few words about my background and motivation :

Travelling and helping others travel : I always wanted to travel. This was my reason for studying languages - English, German, Spanish, Lithuanian - and why I became a tour guide. My logo is actually made of the colors of the flags of two countries that have been important in my life journey : Lithuania and Ireland.

Back home : after a few years in Ireland and Spain working with European youth exchange programmes, I came back to France and qualified as a professional tour guide in Saumur. Since then I have been working in the Loire Valley, where I am originally from. 


Responding to the "click" : In 2012, I began training in storytelling, puppet making and operating, wood working and sewing. I have had various experiences in Lithuania, Belgium and Angers that helped me experiment and develop. Today I am creating activities with storytelling and puppets, both as a volunteer and as an animator. This is a work in progress which will be included in the interactive guided programmes in the future.

With Dragonnette, stringpuppet, www.photosdominiquejullien.fr